Take your drone skills to the next level

Drone Mapping is an online course to help you turn your drone into a powerful data collection and mapping tool. 

The perfect next step for more experienced students.

Stuck on what to do next with drones in your school?

Go beyond taking pictures and start capturing data.

You've embraced drones and are delivering STEM outcomes with micro-drones. But, what's the next step? Surely there's more to do. What if you could turn your drone into a powerful data collection and mapping tool?

It's time to go beyond taking photographs.

Learn to plan drone surveys and capture reliable data

We'll guide you through your first drone mission.

Drone Mapping is a complete guide to capturing spatial data with your drone, processing that data, and using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyse, measure, map, and communicate your findings.


Mission Requirements

Understand the software, terminology, and output of your drone mapping mission; the key inputs to get the right outputs.


Mission Planning

Learn the exact workflow you need to capture reliable data in the field. Discover the best apps to help you on your mission.


Field Survey

How do you get the best results out in the field? This module will help you set a survey that returns reliable data.

Module 3

Data Pre-Processing

You've got your data. Now what? Learn to process your data to create orthomosaic and 3D digital surface modules.


Information Extraction

Effectively extract information and present spatial analysis. Learn to produce a map of your survey that includes all essential elements.


How-to Guide Students

Drone Mapping includes everything you need to successfully guide your students through every stage of a drone mission.

Meet your instructor

Dr Karen Joyce holds a PhD in Geographical Sciences and is a leader in remote sensing and spatial mapping. She has led numerous programs within Australia and internationally and developed educational resources for primary, elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions as well as private industry and government organisations.

Now, her experience is available to you.

Dr Karen Joyce

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